People, priorities and preservation

What makes you feel happy? A flashy car? A big house? A new phone? What about clean water, fresh air, and food? We cannot survive without these essential resources, but currently, human actions are destroying these natural resources. We may think our happiness depends on these material goods, but actually the key to our health and happiness is the conservation of natural ecosystems that support life on this planet. As a community, people have the power to stop this destruction, but people need to make conservation a priority to ensure that its impact is lasting.

In our final lecture session of the Cons. Sci. course (not including the final session on applied techniques in conservation science lead by Ed Mitchard), we are going to be exploring people-focused conservation.  Aidan is going to be telling us all about:

  • How to change people’s behaviour
  • Community-based conservation
  • Payments for ecosystem services
  • Social data collection
  • Measuring peoples well being

We are intrigued by what is in store for us in the “asking sensitive questions” activity.  Hopefully we are going to learn something about how to conduct specialised survey techniques for studying illegal or otherwise sensitive topics in conservation.  By the end of this session, we might figure out the final piece of the puzzle for how to fit people into conservation solutions.

By Group 5 (as a part of our rapid blogging exercise)


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